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It is well known that AR/VR headsets should not be used outdoor.  All of that is about to change!

Commitment & perseverance

We have meticulously studied the problems encountered by our customers, to ensure the best product.

Study & research

Worked over a year to find the best solutions and test them.

Purposely created

Designed and created to ensure maximum protection of the phones used.

Continuously updated

Our company will continue to work and listen to your advice, to ensure that the products are always the best with each version.

Traditional headset

Traditional AR/VR headsets, both standalone models and those that need a phone inside, all have the same problem. The sun is concentrated by the lenses in 2 focal points that burn the screen behind them.

Active screen protection

The patented phone screen protection system offers an extra layer of protection for your mobile device. This active system of monitoring UV rays directed at the phone screen block the sunlight and prevents damage to the screen caused by sunlight concentrated on the screen by the headset lenses.

Temperature monitoring

With the built-in phone temperature monitoring system and cooling system, the headset ensures that the phone does not get hot during intense using, thus ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience. The 2 turbine fans will effectively disperse the heat generated, ensuring maximum phone performance.

In summary

this headset combines advanced technologies to provide a safe and comfortable augmented/virtual reality experience while protecting your phone from overheating and screen damage.